NEW: F1B US Grand Prix shirts!!

F1B USGP shirt

The F1B USGP Shirt: Now that we’re supposed to have a Grand Prix in the United States, Grace and I thought it might be fitting to create a shirt to commemorate the journey we’ve been on for several years. Why not show the world how many false starts, rumors and innuendos we’ve faced. The poor Brit’s had their own drama but in the end, we all knew it was going to Silverstone.

Can’t say the same here in the US, no we had no idea until today. So let’s add to the confusion and show everyone we support a grand prix no matter where they hold the damn thing. It’s not like we haven’t suffered or anything. Let’s face it, we were castaways in the global sea of F1 and I am not sure anyone really cared save versus the US fans and the sponsors who sell crap here in the states. For those critical few, this shirt says Piss Off to the world because we THINK we might actually have a grand prix but don’t hold us to it okay?

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