NEW TPF Anagram paddock Wear Series

Let’s be honest with each other, we’ve become such a blight on the F1 podcast and website world that the mere act of supporting us has become a dodgy affair.

We understand and we have come up with a way to quietly support the podcast / Website you love while not inviting any unnecessary derision, haterade or vitriol for doing so.

That’s rights, we’ve come up with a way that you can support your favorite F1 podcast and be a member of a silent community who passes each other on the streets with a knowing nod, a secret wink that only TPF community members who are working in the underground will understand. The TPF Anagram Series Paddock Wear!

What better way to support The Parc Fermé without letting people know you actually like us? Keep your support muted and join the club of “esoteric”, underground fans. For Pete’s sake don’t promote us, we wouldn’t want to put you in danger or gain any new listeners! Just quietly support us without letting the rest of the world know we exist!

You can find all of the new TPF Anagram Series Paddock Wear right here!

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