New Year’s Resolutions | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 763

Join Grace and me as we offer what we think would be good New Year’s Resolutions for teams, drivers and more. We even share Grace’s resolutions which are always fun to hear.

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Paul Kiefer

My resolution for the FIA: Write some governance rules so that no one single person has absolute power over everything.

Paul Kiefer

My next resolution. This is for Formula 1: Find a way to have 30 cars attempt to qualify. My third resolution, again for Formula 1: Figure out a way to have a tire that could work even at room temperature. We, the average driver, just drive on tires and we’re not even concerned about it being a racing tire, we just want the damn thing to work either in Death Valley or the Antarctic. Why can’t racing do the same? My fourth resolution: Organize the races so that they all have a certain time of the year to race depending… Read more »

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Xean Drury

If they were to bring refuelling back into the sport, they could make it instantly safer by not only not overthinking it, as Grace mentioned, but also assigning a minimum pit time if a stop includes refuelling. This way it’s the same for all teams, and there wouldn’t be a pressure to do it faster than anyone else. Just a thought. ~X8


Your comments on Lewis’ choices and time to consider are spot on. But I worry he will never have that clear a path. There are so many people (who he likes) who rely on his salary/position, that I fear his devotion to them will cloud his decision making process. Great podcast, thoughtful.