Newey, boats and America’s Cup

When Sir Ben Ainslie gets a notion to create a British team for the America’s Cup boat race, he most certainly would look to the UK’s prominent designers for help or overview and that would lead him directly to Adrian Newey. The Red Bull Racing designer has long toyed with the idea of designing an America’s Cup boat and even came close to leaving Formula 1 back in the McLaren days but it seems that Sir Ben Ainslie may have to wait as he told BBC:

“To have the advice of Adrian or many of the very smart people involved with Formula 1 industry in the UK would be a great boost for us as a team.

“Newey is clearly a genius, in anything to do with competitive design and he’s got a great profile, but I would hate for anyone to think we were trying to prise him away from Red Bull Racing.”

Newey has recently stated that his focus is on F1 for the foreseeable future but at some time, he would like to dabble in boat design. There is little doubt that a British America’s Cup team with Adrian Newey at the design helm would be a daunting adversary. While Sir Ainslie is dismissing any notion of poaching Adrian, he does say that the championship-winning designer may cast and eye over their work:

“There’s the potential for him perhaps to get involved, cast his eye over our design team and what we’re looking at doing.”

You know how that goes, Adrian takes a look a the plans, gets excited and it re-invigorates his desire to build boats. Red Bull’s Christian Horner should probably keep a close eye on Newey’s mailbox at Milton Keynes for any Sailing magazines.

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