Newey: On tires and Brawn GP

Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey told Autosport that the tire issues may have played a larger role in Sunday’s race but he does feel the circuit played a significant role in their dominating performance.

“I think this circuit is one that was always likely to suit us, and I was hoping it would suit us anyway,” Newey told AUTOSPORT about how much of the team’s performance was down to car, and how much the tyre issues.

“It would appear that some other teams had tyre warm-up problems, at which point suddenly the performance difference can be much bigger than it would be at other circuits. So obviously we have got to see how this carries over onto other circuits.”

It will be interesting to see if cooler temp’s exist in Germany in three weeks time and how the Brawn’s react. As F1B European Contributing Editor Mark Hallam pointed out in Podcast #113, the weather is always a toss up at the N’Ring. Will it be a simple issue of tire heat or have the Red Bulls caught, or even surpassed, the Brawn’s? My hunch? They have closed the gap and the tires issue in cool weather have given them an edge. I seem to think Ross will find a way to get heat in his tires.

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