Newey stepping back from F1 due to new, restrictive regulations

In an interesting article over at AUTOSPORT, Red Bull design genius, Adrian Newey, has admitted that the new regulations are a part of the reason he is deciding to slowly back away from Formula 1. It was announced this week that Newey would still remain at Red Bull but focus on new projects and advise the F1 team. That’s a big change and the regulations are a large part of it:

“I just feel, to be perfectly honest, the current regulations are very restrictive, which is a shame,” he said.

“It’s difficult to find new areas to explore because they are so tight.

“At the same time, I’d like to see if I can apply my ability – whatever that might be – to other areas.

“I’ll be fully involved with the team over the next few months.

“During that time we will look at how the engineering structure will run in the future, and then once I get fully into the new projects, I will step back and take on much more of an advisory role and, if you like, mentoring some of my colleague engineers.

“If they have questions or would like my advice then I’ll be available to give that.”

It’s an interesting comment as many have suggested that the current regulations were largely driven by the engineers. If Newey is being driven off because of them, clearly he wasn’t one of the people advocating the changes. Makes one wonder just who was?

Newey’s oversight will be immense for Red Bull but it is a massive change and some have suggested that Sebastian Vettel’s longevity at the team are tied to the fact that Newey is at the team designing the cars. Is this a slight change in procedure or the end of a dynasty? Adrian has been involved in F1 for a long time and has designed many championship-winning cars. It’s a shame if the current regulations claim another victim in the form of Adrian Newey.

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