Newey to stay at Red Bull

You can dispense of the rumors about Chief Brain of Red Bull, Adrian Newey, heading to Ferrari. The team announced today that it has inked a contract extension that will see the British genius of Formula 1 design stay at the Austrian team for new projects as well as mentor the F1 team.

That’s an interesting twist and it is no secret that Newey has pinned for new challenges outside of F1 racing. How much involvement he will have in the F1 team remains to be seen but team boss Christian Horner told AUTOSPORT:

“It is great that we have come to an agreement that will continue to advise and mentor the team going forward,” he said. “There are some exciting new projects that will be announced in due course.

“He is still very much involved [with the F1 team]. We will have a further clarification later in the summer.”

I am not sure how well Adrian is at multi-tasking but not being 100% focused on the team and working as a mentor is a big change…period. I suspect this is a move to give Adrian what he wants—something other than F1—and also keep him our of the clutches of Ferrari or any other team.

If you were wondering if Sebastian Vettel might move to Ferrari, this could be the key moment that gives reason for pause in the 4-time champion’s decision-making process. Having said that, 75% of Adrian Newey could be like 100% of any other brilliant designer so time will tell.

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