Next Level F1 | Podcast Ep 836

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Could Mercedes get out of the basement kitchen? Will Red Bull be stay at the top level kitchen? Will Williams give themselves a 10% wind tunnel time bonus or take 10% away from Haas? All this and more (like the 2024 calendar, cutting races and tracks, must-have’s, simplifying F1 and Red Bull’s pace advantage more than just trick DRS) on this week’s show!

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Louis Jansen

I would have to say the 2005 San Marino GP with the fantastic fight for the lead by Fernando and Michael. That is indeed my favorite memory of Imola.


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Don’t forget that some of the track promoters/governments don’t want to move their race to another time of the year, looking at you Canada. To Grace’s point about not wanting more street circuits, I totally agree, but the FIA love them as they fit in with their ‘Net-Zero Carbon’ initiative. Remember that the Tour De France is the most pollutant sports event in the world, millions of people hop into their cars, drive to see the riders and then drive back home. Street circuits don’t have that. We all love Spa and I want to keep it too, but it… Read more »


I have a feeling FIA loves to use the “net-zero carbon” as a good excuse. But lets be real right now F1 goes to whoever writes the biggest check. Most street circuits are not good racing venues, but many of them are paid for by people with very large check books. Heck did you see the Ted’s notebook interviewing people at Saudi Arabia? They were coming from all around the world to that race. So def not zero carbon at a street venue. I have a feeling there are cheap flights from some parts of the world that are subsidized.… Read more »


Street circuits: I am not a big fan. Especially as cars keep getting bigger. Monaco might have once been a decent race track with previous generation cars, but modern F1 cars barely work there anymore. Give me a purpose built track over a street circuit every day of the week, and twice on Race Sundays. 24 Races: Too many. Can we go back to 18ish races? That seemed like a nice sweet spot. MotoGP: So much fun to watch. I only started watching it a few years ago. But honestly lately I am more excited to watch MotoGP than F1.… Read more »


Forgot to mention, I’ll take a Sunday early morning or afternoon race over a Sunday midnight start time any day.


The „track with N“ that was escaping you is Audis test track at „Neuburg an der Donau“ (Newcastle at he Danube). Speaking of the middle of nowhere … I also liked the old Hockenheim. Good test of man and machinery, because it was apart from Monza the only other high speed track with low wings, but then they had to go through the tight and twisty Motodrom with that. And also Nürburgring GP circuit despite not being maybe the most interesting track on paper, often produced very good races for some reason. Remember the Schumacher-Alesi battle in 1995? (… Read more »