Nick’s smart after all

Well, I guess kicking Nick to the curb is still the right choice although he knew changing tires with two laps to go would be the right call and the team boss didn’t.  Apparently Dr. Mario thiessen thought the call was too late to make any difference but Nick made the call to change tires and consumed 25 seconds in two laps off his rivals.  This eventually placed him in second place and a great points haul for the BMW.  Now, let’s get rid of the guys because he sucks!  Bad decision boys.  Think again.

“I thought it was too late already,” said Theissen. “But it was worth to take the risk because it would have been two points only, so you can take some risk in this position. And it turned out to be the perfect move.

“I didn’t watch the TV screen on the last lap, just the positioning screen as he overtook one car after another.”

Theissen said that he left the decision to change tyres entirely up to Heidfeld and his race engineer.

“You need two guys. You need the driver who has to tell what he is feeling and what he thinks is better, and in the end he has to decide.

“But then the race engineer has an overview of what the others do, how much they are struggling and only the race engineer can then judge whether it is possible to make up for 25 seconds in two laps.”

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