Nico Rosberg joins Sky Sports F1

The press release says Nico will be on the team for “key” races. Not sure which races those are and how many and to be a complete bore, I find every race on the F1 calendar a “key” race but then I’m biased.

Let’s hope Nico can bring a current driver view to the broadcast. I think NASCAR’s broadcast went through the roof when they hired Jeff Gordon due to his amazing insight and ability to accurately predict on-track action and what drivers are doing. I hope Nico can do this for F1 as well.

Sky Sports F1 press release:

Having retired a World Champion just 18 months ago at the age of only 31, Rosberg will offer Sky Sports F1® viewers a unique perspective on the coming season.

Through his experiences as a Mercedes driver alongside current World Champion Lewis Hamilton, his detailed knowledge of former team-mates and competitors, and as one of the great drivers of recent years, Rosberg will bring F1® fans unparalleled insight on the 2018 F1® season.

The son of 1982 World Champion Keke Rosberg, and a title-winner the last time the season spanned 21 races, Rosberg will undoubtedly be an authoritative voice in the sport this year.

Starting at the Australian Grand Prix, Rosberg will join a Sky Sports F1® team already boasting Martin Brundle, former World Champion Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert, Paul di Resta and Ted Kravitz for both qualifying and the race itself. The deal will also see Nico feature on Sky Italia

Sky Sports Analyst Nico Rosberg said: “I’m really excited to be joining the Sky Sports F1® team for the 2018 season. Although getting behind the microphone doesn’t quite match the thrill of getting behind the wheel, I got a taste of it with Sky Sports last year and loved it. 2018 should be a fascinating battle, and hopefully I can offer fans a bit of an insight into the teams, the personalities and everything it takes to be an F1® driver. I can’t wait to get started.”

Martin Brundle, Sky Sports F1® analyst, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Nico to the team. His knowledge of the latest hybrid cars, the Mercedes team and Lewis Hamilton is second to none. Nico will provide both the most ardent motorsport fan and the casual viewer with expert analysis and insight. He’s a good guy, it will be fun to have him around!”

Scott Young Head of F1® at Sky Sports added:Bringing Nico on-board is fantastic news for Sky Sports viewers. Adding another former World Champion to our line-up brings a new depth to our coverage. Nico raced for the current world championship team and this will deliver unique insights at key points throughout the season. We all look forward to his engaging perspective, alongside Martin, Damon and Johnny.

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The Captain

Man I really wish I could set my DVR and hear his analysis of what the teams are doing in FF2 when I get a chance to watch. Thanks Liberty Media for ruining my 3 day F1 experience!

Sorry, I’m getting hyped for the season but I’m still bitter about ESPN not showing FP2.


BBC 5 Chequered Flag got Jolyon Palmer!
Another example of how in F1 a bigger budget buys you a ‘baked in advantage’ ;-)

I’m really looking forward to seeing him in the Sky Team. He came over really well on the couple of things he did last season, and the cringe factor of him doing podium interviews with Hamilton could be priceless.

sunny stivala

Nico Rosberg has the potential to be the best of the lot at the SKY tabloid/called yellow journalism in the USA, it all depends if he will be willing to upset their famous nationalistic rhetoric apple cart or not.