Nigel losing records but winning auctions

Nigel Mansell may have just been tied for most wins by a British driver when Lewis Hamilton won the Russian Grand Prix and he may be equal on the number of championships but there is one thing Lewis Hamilton hasn’t one-upped Nige on, the sale of a Ferrari F40 for $870,000.

Bonhams recently sold our man Nige’s Ferrari once again proving that Ferrari is not merely a car but an investment. Luca was right, they don’t sell cars, they sell dreams. I’m sure Nigel was pinching himself when the telephone bidder won the auction and net the former Ferrari Formula 1 driver some big cash.

It’s always good to have a big name attached to the car when heading to auction but the F40 has held its value quite well over the years. As a board member for the St. Louis European Car Show, we had a F40 recently that was Best in Show and it was in that neighborhood to be sure.

It’s a big win for Nigel who could use some good news now that his long-standing record as a British F1 driver is being devoured by Lewis Hamilton.

Hat Tip: Bonhams

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