Niki Lauda has lung transplant surgery

While vacationing in Ibiza, Mercedes chief Niki Lauda fell ill and was taken to a hospital in Vienna for lung transplant surgery.

According to reports, Niki had a serious lung infection accompanied by very bad coughing and it required a transplant. You’ll recall the 1976 crash that damaged his lungs severely by inhaling toxic fumes from the blaze.

The hospital said:

“Due to a severe affection of the lungs, Niki Lauda had to undergo a lung transplantation at the AKH Vienna today.

“The transplantation was done successfully by Walter Klepetko, head of thoracic surgery, and Konrad Hotzenecker.

“We kindly ask for your understanding that the family won’t give any official statements and we ask to protect the privacy of the Lauda family.”


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Based on his history, I expect to see Nikki back in the garage at Spa, and finish the season.
Joking aside, that’s a major operation, I hope his recovery is quick and complete.
Get well soon Nikki