No announcement on Mercedes driver choice until new year

There may be a sense of urgency from Formula 1 fans over the announcement of Nico Rosberg’s replacement for 2017 at Mercedes but according to the team, nothing happens until after Christmas:

“Nothing is planned for the period between now and our return to work on January 3,” the Mercedes spokesman said.

That means the negotiations could be continuing for Valtteri Bottas or even Carlos Sainz and as we’ve discussed before, it will be important for Mercedes to replace Nico with a driver who can deliver points like Nico did, not just toil around the grid. 

If the team are looking to replace experience with experience, it will come down to which driver contract they can buy out and which one makes the most sense. 

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Tom Firth

Reads as Mercedes has given up trying to pursue another world champion in the car and are trying to recruit Bottas or Sainz, and if they can’t get either, will put Wehrlein in to me.

Peter Riva

I still feel Hamilton is in the cat bird’s seat – he’ll want to insist they hire a No. 2 driver and Sainz and Bottas won’t (should not) want that. Ochon would be fine.


I think Toto and Nicki are milking the situation, can you imagine the outrageous Christmas presents that are going to be rolling up from anyone with half a shot at the seat.
Todd, how are things going with the special Toto (get down!) and Nicki (shitbox) podcast, plus a special ‘bigger than Bernie’ patreon status?