No German GP and 6 weeks to ponder it

The FIA have officially removed the German Grand Prix from the 2015 calendar making a three-week gap between the British GP on July 5th to the Hungarian GP on July 26th and if that didn’t get your ire up then perhaps the additional 3-week break right after the Hungarian GP for F1’s traditional summer break will.

Barring the Hungarian GP, F1 will have a 6-week break in the middle of the season and for Americans who aren’t use to the whole European bank holiday thing where everyone rolls up the sidewalks for a month, this is a real sock in the gut.

Six weeks with no F1 nose to tail save the Hungarian GP which often times plays out like a mini Monaco? Apparently Nurburgring’s new owners couldn’t come to an agreement with F1’s commercial rights holders and we now have no German GP for the first time since 1960. I wasn’t even born the last time there was no German GP. I’ve never know a world without one and to be honest, I don’t know that I want to live in a world that can’t get a German GP organized and ran. What’s the point? Mercedes and several German drivers on the grid and we can’t pull this off?

It’s like the time I asked for a Budweiser in a bar in St. Louis Missouri and they said they didn’t carry Budweiser products..WTH? Germans love F1 and I know this is a fact but perhaps not enough German love it. Is that the case? Is it a case of Germans loving the sport but hating ticket prices? Is it a case of the new owners of the Ring actually wanting to make a profit?  Can’t blame them there.

Whatever the reason, F1 needs to have a damned German GP as well as a French GP and all bars in St. Louis should serve Budweiser…not because they are the best races or beer but because it is the way life should be and without it, planets go wonky and animals become extinct. Fact! No pressure Hungary but you’re carrying a lot of expectation this year so you’d better deliver. What’s this sport run on? Memories? Get it sorted Germany.

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kevin K

I feared this was going to happen, and now its come to fruition. With this Merc (read Lewis Hamilton) domination looming and perhaps RB leaving, its a wonder that anyone tunes in at all. With Mercedes and 3 German drivers on the grid, there isnt a better country i could think of to host a GP. With the impass between the CRH and the circuits irreconcileable, this situation proves that F1 really has become all about money, to the expense of racing. Shame. The NBCSN made a hella fuss over this 20 race season (!), now it looks like they… Read more »


A further example of the messed up financial model that F1 operates. As you say Kevin, Germany should be the European country most able to host a GP (or two), it is Europe’s wealthiest nation, the people love high performance cars and motor sports, the country has had successful teams and drivers and circuits since F1’s inception.
If neither German GP circuit can make a F1 race pay, the cost of hosting a race must be completely beyond any sustainable economic level.

Paul KieferJr

Didn’t there used to be laws against charging exhorbantly high costs (something along the lines of “usury”), or will we have to rely on the antitrust laws to fix this problem?


Hi Paul, I don’t know how anti-trust laws work, but if there are laws against charging exorbitantly high costs, they have never applied to Bernie.
Lucky we all love Tilke tracks in wealthy countries with no motor sports background, or crowds………


It might be a good thing, hear me out. What if this starts a kind of revolution where the tracks start to demand lower hosting fees? If theres no demand, the fees will have to come down, Bernie may run the show, but CVC are the ones that own the F1. If tracks no longer want(cant afford) to host races the hosting fee might have to come down. Sure BE can find countries to host races, but F1 has is a traditional sport, with fans dating back to the 60s and 70s, fans that might stop watching. If people stop… Read more »


I’m not holding out hope that is the mechanism that will occur, not when Bernie can sign up Kuwait, Russia, Bahrain, China, India, etc etc. There are still lots of countries whose fortunes remain untapped by Bernie and CVC, afterall we still have 19 Gp’s on the calendar.

Joseph Simmons

Do we miss racing on the Nordschleife? Definitely! Can we really call the revised Hockenheim or Nurburgring tracks; classic circuits? No. Lets be honest, if you look at the facts discussed in the above article. Germany has no business having a Formula 1 race. Obviously with Mercedes the reigning WCC and a four time WDC in the field to draw fans into the event and you can’t put butts in the seats. Even Mercedes offered to ante up monies to support the event. Yes, Germans have voted with their wallets to move on from Formula 1. Those fervent German F1… Read more »


One more nail in the coffin that the FIA has been building and that an aging Bernie can’t seem to get back on track.

Tom Firth
Mark Catalfano

I dunno, i think it’s fun there’s 1-2 new races every year, it keeps it fresh. I’ve been watching since 1999 (Malaysia) and I feel there’s been a new track or country joining every year since then… I’ll have to check, now I’m curious