No more ‘Corkscrew’ for MotoGP


Mazda Laguna Seca may have the famous “Corkscrew” but apparently they don’t have $9 million to throw Dorna Sports (parent company of MotoGP) way in order to host the 2014 MotoGP US Grand Prix. Fans of the race were shocked by this weeks news that the series would not be returning the famous racing circuit in California. Circuit general manager Gill Campbell said:

“There is, frankly, not enough of everything to go around for three world championships in the United States,” she said.

Campbell said the circuit couldn’t afford to “take a bath” on the race. The departure of Laguna Seca leaves the Indianapolis and Austin race for MotoGP. Having attended the race at Indy, I have to confess that losing Laguna Seca is a real shame. The “Roval” at Indy is hardly a substitute for the road course of Laguna Seca.

Campbell says that the race could come back in the future but for now, they are taking a collective breath. Some MotoGP fans are upset at Dorna and the rising cost of hosting a race that is rumored to be increasing by $900,000 this year for Laguna Seca.

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