No race in Rio

Remember all that talk about a new race in Brazil and how the Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paulo may not play host to the Brazilian Grand Prix in the near future? Well that story has taken a turn.

It seems that plans to build a new circuit in Rio de Janeiro have been abandoned due to criticism from environmentalists as the construction of the track would have required the removal of a patch of native trees. In fact, current driver and 7-time champ, Lewis Hamilton, voiced his opposition to the track as well.

Rio’s environment secretary Eduardo Cavaliere said: “We are officially giving up on the construction of Rio International Circuit.”

The circuit was to be built near the Deodoro part of the city and had the back of the Brazilian President to secure the contract. Interestingly, when opposition gained momentum, F1 re-engaged the Interlagos Circuit to ensure there would be a race in Brazil.

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