Norris fighting for 3rd in championship

Lando Norris, McLaren

Having scored points in every race this year and with three podiums to his credit so far, Lando Norris surged into third place int eh Driver’s Championship last week at the British Grand Prix.

Team boss Andreas Seidl says that it isn’t unrealistic for Lando to be fighting for that position.

“Whether it is a realistic target is difficult to say, because the Red Bull car and the Mercedes car is really a better car,” Seidl said.

“Valtteri and Checo also showed some great races this year and from the past, on what they can do. It is down to the strong performances by Lando together with the team and the competitive car we have this year and we managed after 10 races to be P3.

“So it is not unrealistic to stay there if he can put up this half of the season again like this.

“But we have to be honest as well one or the other at times something needs to go wrong on the Red Bull side or Mercedes side as we are not in a position yet purely down to our performance to beat them.

“That is the reality we are in and we cannot forget that.”

In the end, Lando is fighting against Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas who are both is quicker cars and have proven to win races and finish on the podium. For Lando to retain that position, both Perez and Bottas would need to continue their form of missing out on points and finishing off the podium and that’s not, perhaps, the most realistic outcome.

Still, they’ve managed to fall behind Norris so far and who’s to say they won’t continue to be used as pawns in the Hamilton/Verstappen battle instead of being focused on beating Lando? Anything can happen and perhaps the best news is that whether Lando does claim third or not, the fact that he is battling for third in the championship says a hell of a lot about Lando’s skills and McLaren’s resurgence.

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