Ocon out at Alpine | Podcast Ep 889

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

The podcast discusses F1 news, focusing on the controversy surrounding Esteban Ocon and the changes happening at Alpine. It also explores potential driver moves and team dynamics within the F1 world.

The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including IndyCar, F1 tires, Red Bull’s performance, and MotoGP. The hosts share anecdotes, insights, and opinions on these subjects, providing a mix of humor and analysis.

The conversation covers a range of topics including MotoGP rider transfers, the impact of race cancellations, and the F1 fantasy league. It also delves into F1 and McLaren updates, as well as insights from the Hot Ones show. The hosts discuss the Canadian Grand Prix and the new F1 video game, sharing their thoughts and predictions.

Sound Bites

“It must be said that this could turn out to be the Oconathon.”
“Estabon Ocon. Yeah, that ain’t gonna work.”
“But wait, there’s more! Oh boy.”
“Yeah, the last third of the race was great.”
“Tire Talk. It doesn’t get any better than this.”
“Yeah, many suggest that we learned that they can’t take a curb worth a damn.”
“So the new F1 game dropped, video game dropped, and as part of it you…”

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00:00 F1 News and Controversy: The Ongoing Drama
10:11 Alpine’s Evolution: Changes and Challenges
28:55 Anecdotes and Insights from the World of Racing
39:13 Unpacking the Frustrations of F1 Tire Performance
49:18 Red Bull’s Performance Challenges and Track Conditions
53:48 Humorous Commentary and Analysis in Motorsports
59:28 F1 and McLaren Updates
01:07:48 The Canadian Grand Prix and F1 Video Game Insights


Social media abuse of F1 drivers is unacceptable and harmful.
Alpine is undergoing significant personnel changes, indicating a potential shift in team dynamics.
Pierre Gasly’s future in F1 is uncertain, and he may be considering other opportunities.
The podcast provides insights into the complexities of driver careers and the impact of team dynamics on their decisions. Insights into the challenges and experiences of racing in IndyCar and F1
Discussion on the frustrations and complexities of F1 tire performance
Analysis of Red Bull’s performance issues and the impact of track conditions
Engaging anecdotes and humorous commentary on racing and motorsports
Insights into the world of MotoGP and its appeal to fans Insights into MotoGP rider transfers and the impact of race cancellations on the season
Updates on F1 and McLaren, including the F1 fantasy league and the Canadian Grand Prix
Discussion of the new F1 video game and insights from the Hot Ones show


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