Official F1 Australia preview: Red Bull, Ferrari fight with chance of rain

The official Formula 1 site has its Australian preview up, and it is highlighting the battle between Red Bull and Ferrari.

If it had been me, I might have led with the preview’s last sentence: “Interestingly, the weather forecast suggests that rain showers might further enliven proceedings.”

You think?

I always get a kick out of the official F1 line because the bias is unquestionable: F1 wants people to watch. And while it occasionally will acknowledge a controversy, if that seems to be the best way to get eyes on the grid, what we usually have is a pair of over-sized Bernie Ecclestone glasses with decidedly rose-colored lens.


After all the anticipation of the opening round of the championship in Bahrain a fortnight ago, this weekend’s second round is almost as eagerly awaited – if only to see if anyone catch match Red Bull’s fearsome speed, or unsettle Ferrari’s finishing ability.

Really, that’s why we all are going to tune in? It isn’t because of our morbid fascination to see whether the racing will be any good or if we will be handed further evidence that the 2010 regulations are interest-killers? [I’ll admit, we are partially tuning in to see if other teams can catch Red Bull.]

I also love this idea that Ferrari had unbelievable “finishing ability.” Wasn’t the unbelievable finishing ability all Sebastian Vettel’s — only what was unbelievable was how his car was slowing down? The Ferraris are strong, no doubt, but I’m not sure they were the only cars to catch a “second wind” toward the end of the race.

The piece goes to outline the information we all know. Mercedes and McLaren make up the rest of the “big four,” Force India and Renault will be fighting for “best of the rest” with maybe Williams poking its nose into the battle. And then the new teams are all hoping for some variation on “getting a little better” to “can we just complete two full laps.” [Sorry Karun!]

Funny little note: I don’t see a mention of Toro Rosso! Whoops! Someone forgot last year’s worst team in the shuffle.

But, again, what I wonder most about is the near throw-away line that ends the piece and talks about the chance for rain. The cynic in me says that if there really were a chance of rainfall, F1 would be leading with that. It’s the great equalizer, after all.

But putting it in at the very end? I feel like maybe F1 is trying to convince me that there could be a game-changer over the weekend. I don’t think I’m biting.

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