OK, racers… your chance at Red Bull’s simulator

Red Bull Racing has unveiled a contest with a prize we all can covet: a day at the team’s facility and a chance to hop in its race simulator.

All you have to do is download the Red Bull iPhone game and top the time sheets.

Here’s more via the release:

Red Bull today launched the Red Bull Racing Challenge, offering the chance to win a day at the team’s Factory and experience the ultimate racing thrill: the team simulator.

The contest is entered via the Red Bull Racings official iPhone game which is available for free till the end of the Australian Grand Prix.

To download a copy of the game, please go to iTunes

Contestants have to demonstrate their racing skills and perform the fastest times at different tracks and weather conditions.

As well the main prize there are also separate contests run over each of the remaining grands prix weekends to win official team merchandise and autograph cards from Red Bull Racing’s drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

The Red Bull Racing Challenge game was developed by US-based games experts Artificial Life in association with the team and features six tracks, different weather conditions and the challenge of the pit stop.

As well as the contest, the game features:
• Racing around six circuits including China, Great Britain, Monte Carlo and Australia.
• The chance to learn the tracks in practice and setting the fastest time in Qualifying
• Test your reaction time with the unique in-game pit stop challenge
• Race a friend through every turn in the Multiplayer mode (requires Bluetooth)
• Customise races by selecting the track, weather and difficulty
• Choose from three control schemes using the iPhone’s multi-touch screen and accelerometer
• Join in a quiz at the Red Bull Energy Station to unlock team video clips
• Unlike the actual car, this RB5 comes with an in-car stereo so you can rock as you race with Twin Atlantic
• Show off your best lap times and championship trophies on Facebook and Twitter.

I know I looked at the game a week or so ago, and I’ve been toying with the idea of actually buying it. Maybe this will be the impetus? [Actually, the chance to carry around Monaco would be.]

If anyone already has downloaded the game, feel free to give us a review.

How does this kind of marking compare to Lewis Hamilton’s “Secret Life” in everyone’s minds?

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