Only 50% of drivers have skills to be champion

Sahara Force India’s Bob Fernley is a very nice gentleman. I had the opportunity, thanks to Derek Daly, to interview the team principal last year in Austin. He’s a long-time Formula One guy and I tend to think he has done a terrific job of getting the team competitive this year.

What is interesting is Fernley’s take on the current crop of formula One drivers and in particular, his own driver Paul Di Resta. Sky Sports F1 asked Bob if Paul could be world champion:

“Absolutely, there is no reason why he and a number of others would not have as well, but certainly Paul could,” the Deputy Team Principal said.

“Probably at least 50% of the drivers on the grid today, given the right car and package, would be a World Champion, because they are some quality drivers.”

What do you think? Are 50% of the drivers capable of winning the title if they had a Red Bull or Ferrari or McLaren? It’s difficult to tell but that leaves the other 50% and it makes you wonder about F1’s commitment to getting the best driver in the best car. That, clearly, went out the window years ago in favor of the business of F1 and the need for paying drivers regardless of skill.

When faced with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and others, these drivers must feel the pressure of driving in a series that, quite honestly, some believe they have no business being in. That’s not an indictment of these drivers because they most likely would beat any one of us in a straight race such is their talent but they are racing the best in the world and it would and that’s a lot fo pressure if you are one of the drivers in the bottom 50%.

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