Only twin Turbos in 2014

The playing field in the IZOD IndyCar Series is going to be leveled a bit next season as INDYCAR has announced that only twin turbocharged engines will be utilized in 2014.

“In an effort for parity throughout the turbocharger range, mandating only a twin turbo system simplifies our efforts to ensure even closer competition,” INDYCAR president of competition and operations Derrick Walker said. “Both manufacturers displayed a willingness to use a common turbo spec for 2014, so it made sense to mandate a twin turbocharger that maintains the performance we’ve come to expect while keeping the technology relevant to the automotive industry.”

The Chevrolet IndyCar V6 has used the twin turbo format since the new INDYCAR formula came into play last season. It’s rival Honda has used a single turbo in it’s Honda HI12R. Honda did win a case now infamously known as “Turbogate” last season to change a compressor cover on the engine to remain competitive against the Chevrolets.

Since the new formula came into play, Chevrolet has won 18 races, while Honda has won 9 races. Honda’s recent engine upgrades introduced at Pocono has produced 3 wins in a row for the Japanese brand.

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