Op-Ed: A better way to end an F1 season

The 2011 Formula 1 calendar is out, and a few things strike me right off. None, though, is bigger or better than the final race location: Brazil.

That’s right, as of now Brazil is set to play host to the deciding race of the 2011. Let’s just hope it is a deciding race and that all the championships haven’t been decided already.

I’m also happy to see Bahrain kicking the season off again. Man, what a great way to start F1 on the right tire. Riveting race, fellas! (Yes, yes, they are changing the track a bit. Let’s hope it helps.)

I am trying to look and see where the USGP will fit in in 2012. Looking at the calendar, I guess I will have to go out on a limb and say I think it needs to come the week before Canada — and not the week after — in order to try to stave off the heat down in Texas.

Something is going to have to give on the number of races, though, I’m assuming. I know a few tracks — Turkey jumps immediately to mind — are winding down their contracts. But, as a fan, I’m happy with a couple, three more races. Push Bahrain a week earlier, perhaps, and squeeze Monaco a week earlier. Although, I also notice that according to this calendar, Monaco is back on the same day as the Indy 500. Maybe that’s a better position? But it does give the calendar some room…

Oh. What about an Austin race in 2012 on the same day as the Indy 500? Now that would be a statement! And it would, for one day, absolutely put America at the center of the motor sport world. And that might not be a bad thing. Well, except for fans who would want to see/go to both races.

But I am getting way ahead of myself. The other main thing that jumps out at me — but this is pretty much already true, and Grace noted it, too — is that after the beginning of September, F1 says a big “bye bye” to its European home. With the addition of India next year, plus Korean this year, you have a half-dozen races that finish off the season as “fly-aways.”

How does that sit with you all?

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