Op-Ed: Bernie’s mugging is the kind of F1 news that gets U.S. coverage

I’m not meaning to beat a dead horse with a fairly consistent stream of pieces on how America is lacking the amount and type of awareness of Formula 1 for the USGP to be a long-term success.

But for the race to fill stands beyond a year or two, when it’s an unusual attraction, more people need to know about and be fans of F1 in America.

And a big part of that, since blogs like this one can’t reach everyone (yet!), is for major sports media to start caring about the sport.

And I fear that’s a long ways off.

But… Bernie’s mugging is the kind of coverage that gets U.S. coverage. Exhibit one: ESPN:

Associated Press
LONDON — Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone suffered a minor head injury when he was attacked outside his London office this week and robbed of jewelry worth $314,000.
The 80-year-old Ecclestone was treated at a hospital after being punched and kicked by four men following his arrival at the offices of Formula One Holdings on Wednesday night, London Police said Friday.
Ecclestone was released from the hospital.
Police are investigating but no arrests had been made.

Right now, that story is on ESPN’s front page. But, you’ll note, it’s an AP story. So even this doesn’t get a staffer out of bed on “Black Friday.”

Whether the piece would have made the site on a bigger — even normal — news day is another issue.

Bang the drum, people. There needs to be more fan demand of F1 news.

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