Op-Ed: FIA ruling FAIL, but not for the reason you think

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I’m sitting here, twiddling my thumbs — well, actually, getting “real” work done — as two different browser programs spin into infinity as they try to download, open, view, see, look at, etc. the FIA’s ruling on the Ferrari team order issue.

It’s been this way, coming on noon Pacific time out here in California, for about an hour.

So, setting aside any matter of the FIA’s actual decision, I’m going to rule it a big FAIL for the simple reason that I know I’m not alone.

The world’s been waiting to see the rationale behind not punishing Ferrari further. And I think most of us are still waiting.

Sure, the reporters on the ground probably got handed copies. But that is such a small slice of the people interested, and it doesn’t go anywhere near answering the demand for fans who want to read the thing for themselves.

You can’t really tell me that the FIA didn’t realize there would be a rush of traffic. If so, that’s just stupid. But, yeah, probably not as stupid as realizing it and not doing anything about it.

Which would seem to be the case.

We’ve talked a lot about Formula 1’s need to embrace new technologies. We’re still talking about getting F1 in high definition, at least here in the United States. High def? That’s already yesterday’s news. TV’s are now coming in 3D, thank you very much.

And there’s plenty of 3D content online now. Sure, 99% of it is probably XXX-rated, but still. F1 isn’t just behind the technology curve at this point. They are around the bend and a half-mile down the road.

And today’s showing by the FIA makes me think they are sitting on the side of that road.

It’s really time to get it together. FIA, FOM, F1, FOTA, the teams individually — I’m looking at all of you.

F1 fans seem like a patient lot, but we’re only going to put up with the “pinnacle of motorsports” being far from the top of this technology for so long.

And for me, as one solitary fan, the time I’m willing to wait got a lot shorter today as hourglasses spun and wheels went round and round as I waited like an idiot to read what I’m sure is an idiotic ruling.


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