Op-Ed: I doubt the Kubica to Ferrari rumors. Here’s why

In an earlier post on the Robert Kubica to replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari rumors, I noted that it seemed strange that Kubica would mention Ferrari directly in his comments but that Massa wouldn’t.

Maybe it had to do with the questions from the reporters, maybe a difference in the drivers.

But now I’m going to come straight out and say: These rumors are total bunk. Here’s why.

From Ferrari’s own preview focused on Massa:

Incredibly, after only three races, there is already talk of driver line-ups for 2011. “There is no rush for the moment on this front, from my point of view,” said Felipe. “I’m very happy with the way we are working together as a team. Even before my accident last year, we had preliminary talks about renewing my contract and I can say that those talks are starting again. But at the moment, my main priority is concentrating on this championship and doing the best I can. The contract is not at the front of my mind right now.”

Those are the quotes being circulated in other stories on the Kubica rumors. And if Ferrari were in any way working behind the scenes, I simply can’t believe they’d:

  1. Refer to the rumor at all.
  2. Essentially “punk” Massa, who’s been a loyal soldier and darn near got himself killed last year.

Now, I also know that Ferrari tends to treat drivers like any other member of the team. They’re replaceable, they’re interchangeable. So something could be going on behind the scenes.

But I can’t believe Ferrari would be so ruthless as to play it out, in public, like this.

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