Op-Ed: If I were Ferrari, I’d do a lot more of these promotional tests

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso got an opportunity for a few extra laps in the F10, and he did it while not violating the Formula 1 ban on testing.

Alonso took part in a promotional event that included filming for the website and laps with special Ferrari owners. Here’s the details:

Maranello, 18 June, Fernando Alonso left Maranello late this afternoon after a day and a half of Formula 1 work as well as filming and promotional activity.

Yesterday afternoon, the Spaniard tackled the simulator, preparing for the European Grand Prix with his engineers. Today’s schedule included taking part in on-track activity with a group of Ferrari owners, who got to drive around the Fiorano track with the added bonus of doing so with a special “teacher” who just happens to be a double Formula 1 world champion.

At the same time, Fernando also did a few laps of the track at the wheel of the F10 for promotional purposes, filming not only for partners of the Reds but also for some novel features which will soon enliven the new section on the Ferrari website, dedicated to Formula 1.

Even though he only completed very few kilometres, further limited by the demands of the film script, it was nevertheless Fernando’s debut at the Fiorano circuit at the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1 car: you have to make the most of any opportunity in this era of the testing ban!

I appreciate that Ferrari tips its hat to the ban and gives us a “wink” that it is pushing into a bit of a gray area. What I don’t understand is why Ferrari doesn’t hold these events every single day — OK, probably there is some regulations about how much, or really how little, such promotional events can involve this year’s car.

But it does seem like a great opportunity to at least put something extreme — and fairly easily testable — on the car.

From another perspective: What do I have to do to become one of these special Ferrari owners?

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