Op-Ed: One problem I’m noticing about the Texas USGP

That problem? The usual suspects — the Autosports, the Telegraphs, the BBCs — aren’t paying it much attention. The Autosport story is still little more than the re-worked press release going on eight or nine hours after the news hit.

Is this just because the usual F1 suspects are all European and Texas, let alone the United States, seems a long way off?

Or is it that the are hearing rumblings along the lines of all our worst fears? That there’s really no money behind this effort. That there’s no way a track can be completed in two years. That it will just be another black eye for the U.S.

I hope the media’s lack of attention is just a result of their being caught off guard. But if so, where’s the follows? Where’s some new stories? Are all the reporters caught on their way to Turkey? (Could be.)

I just don’t like how quiet it all is.

Anyone getting the same feeling out there?

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