Op-Ed: please pick me to go to Austin, Marussia

I’m writing two VMR on Sunday columns in as many weeks. It’s terribly shocking, I know. You are used to seeing my name at the top of the Grand Prix Redux and qualifying reports each race weekend, but it has been ages since I bothered you with more. That is about to change. Todd and I are working on some secret projects to bring you even more of the quality pieces and tongue-in-cheek humor you are used to reading…but first I want to enter the Marussia/Monster Social Media Driver contest.

As my F1B profile indicates, the world can blame my dad for unleashing me on the path of motorsports fandom by tuning in to the Daytona 200 when Bike Week was still an international judge of talent and I too little to know any better. From there, my interest grew into devotion to Formula1, MotoGP, WSBK, and other forms of roadracing, despite my living on the entirely wrong side of the world. In my tiny corner of Pennsylvania, no one has ever heard of F1, let alone considered racing with right-hand turns or in places called Spa-Francorchamps.

As you all know, we on the American side of the Formula 1 pond have fewer options than those in Europe to attend an F1 race. I’ve never managed it, though I did make it to the pit walkabout for a grand prix at Indianapolis. On a race weekend, I’m usually sat on my couch working my little fingers to the bone writing the most comprehensive quali and race reports I can manage for F1B. Sometimes they’re at the civilized hour of 8am during the European season, or others, like this past weekend for the Japanese Grand Prix, my Grand Prix Redux and quali reports are published in the middle of the night.

I’d say it’s a tough job, but it really isn’t. I’m honored to be on staff at one of the largest fan-based F1 news and opinion sites in the world. (though, cough, a few actual numbers in front of the zeros on my pretend paycheck would never come amiss, cough) Formula 1 is fun to watch and even more fun to cover. I love the family I’ve found on Twitter, all of whom are up at whatever hour the race happens to run, and I love providing a report for those who can not always catch the race live.

Even as much as I love what I already do, what I’d really love is to share an actual race with you all live from the garage via Twitter and other social media. I have managed to do that for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona a couple of times, but Marussia’s contest could provide me with the opportunity to do so for the 2012 F1 race from Austin. I’ve got the in-garage experience from sportscar racing, and I’ve got the experience in catching each pass and pit stop for an F1B report. So, please pick me to go to Austin, Marussia. It’ll be worth your while: I’ll probably bring home-baked cookies.

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