Op-Ed: Taking the British Schumacher hatred a bit far?

OK. First and foremost. I’m laughing. A lot.

This is absolutely terrific, but, at the same time: Seriously?

If you follow this link here, it will take you to British paper the Telegraph. Specifically, it will take you to a feature titled: “Michael Schumacher’s Top 5 YouTube misdemeanours.”

Ah YouTube, although just 5 years old, already you are cruel mistress.

Todd early during the Monaco weekend posted his thoughts about the British press piling on Michael Schumacher about his infamous stop at Rascasse. I think Todd had a bunch of good points, but as I told him, the one thing we have to remember is that this weekend’s race was Schumacher’s first time back in Monaco as a driver. So, I can see where the questions would be asked.

Like Todd, I think asking the questions 50 different times trying to get an answer is going a bit far.

And maybe so is this link at the Telegraph. Like I said, it is funny, and it captures those moments that are definitely a part of Schumacher’s legacy.

But maybe it’s a bit over the top. Maybe.

That the paper had the foresight to post this before the Monaco GP, though… I have to wonder how they knew there’d be a Michael incident this weekend.

Let’s start the rumor that the Telegraph was behind the green flags getting waved, thus tricking Michael into his pass of Fernando Alonso.

Anyway, Schumacher lovers and haters, I hope you enjoy those moments from his racing past!

Should we start talking about the F-duct now?

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