Op-Ed: Todd, I didn’t hear anything you said, so I couldn’t post quicker

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For sure, I meant to post this and some other items yesterday, after qualifying was done.

But when Todd called me up, he knew he was calling me while I was racing around Los Angeles in my MINI, and he knew he was calling when I was in and out of dead zones.

Or phone system isn’t very good.

If the conversation had been clearer, I would have been able to post before the race was almost done, for sure.

So, I worked with my Saturday-driving-around-LA engineers, and here’s the transcript of what I heard from Todd:

SJ ***** I can’t ***** Grace ***** VMR ***** me.

Can you ***** this ****** ***** mother, Mother’s Day ****** girls ******.

****** do ****** copy? SJ ****** Rubens Barrichello ******* Williams radio ****** out in Q1.

Mark ****** besides ******* but Paul ****** tu ****** so can ****** Thanks.

Maybe now you see what I’m up against. There was no way for me to know anything, whether it be that there were slower cars ahead of me or whatever Paul and Mark maybe were up to.

And what was that about Rubens, a Williams radio and out in Q1? I guess I will never know.

Now, normally, I don’t like to air F1B’s dirty laundry publicly, but, honestly, something has to be done to improve things. We’re back in Europe, after all. It seems like Andy and Grace both have lots of updates to their F1B equipment.

So, yeah, I’m sorta shooting from the hip. But I’m frustrated. And tired. It was rough out there. Hopefully Vick will get some race coverage up. I’m going back to bed.

(Note: Was it only on Speed TV’s coverage that Rubens blamed bad radio transmission for not qualifying better? I’m not seeing any coverage of that. If you didn’t hear about that, then this little bit of satire at poor Rubens’ expense maybe made no sense!)


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