Opposite Lock #99- The Resurrection

It’s been too long, but we are here and in the first show of 2016 we close off 2015. The good, the bad, the ugly and the darker moments, all here, all laid out in complete honest feeling. Enjoy, this year will be one hell of a ride.

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Paul KieferJr

1. Okay, what happened to the link that allows me to hear this in a separate window? 2. Nothing like Austin, of course. 3. Sort of being like an armadillo: A speed bump in the middle of the road in Texas. 4. So many yellows. I’m not sure that Bathurst was allowed to fully develop. 5. Way too much politics. I get enough of that here in the States, and I hate politics. 6. Machiavelli was laughing in his grave. 7. It’s more like it’s creating more problems than it solves. 8. I have a different idea (and so does… Read more »

Tom Firth

21. First time I’ve ever heard of a NASCAR driver getting suspended

It’s happened several times before mate that I can think of …

On track contact –
Harvick was suspended in 2002, Robby Gordon was suspended in 2007, Kyle Busch was suspended in 2011. Each for contact.

Off track reasons
Mayfield, Allmendinger, Tyler Walker, Brian Rose, Shane Seig, Kevin Grubb, Tim Richmond.


The actual link to the file doesn’t seem to be in the RSS correctly for this podcast. I use this page: https://theparcferme.com/category/formula-1-blog-podcast/opposite-lock/ It worked for the other cast that went up today but not this one, and as a result I can’t get it to load properly on my phone.