Oz boss “Mosley should walk away”

Australian GP boss Ron Walker has made overt comments regarding the disunity of the F1 leadership concerning the reignited war of press releases and FIA bravado. In the strongest statement yet from a venue on the F1 circuit, Walker has suggested that the Australian Grand Prix would be in serious doubt should Ferrari not be involved in the championship.

He also took the opportunity to scold FIA president Max Mosley for strangling the sport with his agenda, politics and bravado:

In my view Mr Mosley should walk away from the sport with dignity rather than slowly strangle to death the great brand of Formula 1,” said Walker.

“The sport needs fresh and dynamic leadership more than ever before to lead F1 into a new era of motor racing. Bernie Ecclestone is absolutely trying to be a peacemaker, but if the most successful automotive companies in the world will not agree to the rules laid down by the FIA then that will be the end of it.”

I suggest that Mr. Walker speaks for most of us on this issue.

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