Oz GP boss slams F1 drivers as ‘lazy’ and ‘prima donnas’

Reacting to F1 drivers’ complaints about the poor visibility during the twilight Australian GP this year, race boss Ron Walker has let loose on the drivers.

The Australian-based Herald-Sun has the news:

“It’s clearly not dangerous,” Mr Walker said [of the twilight race].

“You can’t please these drivers, they are a bunch of lazy people who won’t do anything to help the sport, except for two or three.

“A lot of drivers are prima donnas. They are never happy.”

Despite Walker’s assertions, according to the H-S, there is tons of pressure to move the race earlier.

At issue is where, as well as when, the Australian GP might happen. Sydney apparently is pitching a night race, which would fit better into the European TV schedule.

And we all know how that schedule, with Bernie Ecclestone looming behind it, often wins out.

Sounds like more discussion of the issue will be happening over the next few weeks, so it may be a while before there is any change announced.

Opinions? Anyone like the idea of a night race… if it means losing Melbourne?

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