The Parc Fermé Podcast #556- 2018 F1 Predictions

Join Grace and me from St. Louis for the first podcast of 2018. We clear up a few details and cover some news including Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram wipe over his video about boys in dresses, Pierre Gasly’s polite backhand and we even offer our 2018 prognostication.

Sound Cloud Player:

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Excellent start to the year, but the Dane? Didn’t know that Magnussen was moving up in the world.


Good to have you folks back in my podcast feed! I liked the new intro/outro music. I must confess that I often skipped the earlier (longer) intro, and this was short, snappy and to the point.

Schumie Toronto

I like it to NC.


I like the new intro/outro it’s much peppier, I liked the old one too but this is a nice start to a new era. What was the music from the old intro?

I usually listen on Google Play, but I can’t find the new podcast there. Are you planning to put the new cast up on Google play? I find the user experience to be better there than on Soundcloud.

It’s good to have you guys back on the air, keep up the good work.


Actually, it’s a little more complicated for Windows. We need Unicode to get the “e” with that diacritical mark. (Alt+00E8)


Great intro, outro reminds me of Oceans 11 music. You guys continue to amaze me how much you’ve brought together in a few short weeks. Regarding the predictions; -Bobby K damnit! Yes, it’s an emotional thing. Then he can retire in a year or two, he’d be replacing Massa after all. -Ferrari wont make an official announcement until December 2020. -Mercedes is still in the cat birds seat. -Kitchen… let me ask my wife about that! (wait, did I just pull a lewis/bernie, doh!) Let’s hope the one person that matters the most (ie. my wife) doesn’t read this! -Hamilton-Vettel-Alonso.… Read more »


“unfiltered comments…” are his asset? Haven’t we seen enough of “unfiltered comments” that can undermine everything? “My d**k is bigger than yours…” (tweet of the day) in tweets is bad for everyone. Lewis spewing what was, clearly, homophobic comments was both not funny and, importantly, damaging to F1. Many waited for a retraction not simply a pedantic “I’m taking my toys away.” I see that voyeurism “wearing his heart on his sleeve” is attractive and builds followers (and haters) in equal measure. But I, for one, am sick and tired of childish comments spewed ad nauseum followed by berating on… Read more »

Matt Guss

You seem a little thin skinned about this. He made an awkward comment. To me, its a big so what? I don’t see how it affects you or F1 for that matter.

Tim C

Is there a direct download link for the podcast? I remembered seeing such a link on the older podcasts. Thanks


Hello Tim, use the download button (arrow pointing down) in the right upper corner of the Sound Cloud Player.