Parr: Another team out in 2009?

Adam Parr
Williams CEO Adam Parr expects another team to bow out of F1 before the start of the 2009 season. One might wonder if this is actually Williams F1 that he is referring to but he maintains that is not the case…that it could be another manufacturer. The story at Autosport.

“I had expected one or two teams to pull out of Formula One imminently,” Parr told Reuters in an interview.

“And I also said that it was not necessarily going to be just independent teams that were involved.

“I believe that we probably will lose another team before the beginning of next season and there is a very high chance it will be a manufacturer.”

Parr said Honda’s decision came as a consequence “of unlimited and unrestrained spending.”

“Honda didn’t have to leave Formula One, it chose to,” added Parr. “Williams would never choose to leave Formula One. So long as we can rub together a few pennies and put together a half-decent budget, we are going to go racing.

“If we have to tailor what we spend to a lower income, then we’ll do that. To me, it’s just completely illogical to talk about Williams leaving Formula One.”

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