Parr clarifies Ferrari/Renault accusations

Adam Parr
Williams F1 CEO Adam Parr has clarified his statements regarding the Ferrar and Renault teams use of illegal cars for the past several years. He now maintains that it was not Williams F1 accusing Ferrari and Renault of being illegal but in fact it was Ferrari themselves that were implicating their past designs by using their current argument against the Double-decker diffuser design. You can read the detail here.

Adam also took time to comment on Stefano Domenicali, of whom he apparently has a lot of respect, and i think that was a nice move on Mr. Parr’s behalf…odd there were no complimentary accolades for Flavio however. Hmmm.

“Stefano Domenicali is a man who you cannot but respect,” said Parr. “I’ve always found him to be incredibly straight. It is not just that he is a charming guy; he is an intelligent, straightforward man.

“I think he is about a week older than me, and in some ways we have a similar education he is from a legal/economic background although he has worked for years in F1 unlike me. He is just someone you just get on with, you trust and you like instantly.

“We’ve known him in his previous role for many years and one of the first things I did when he became the team principal was, when I spoke to Tim Newton (Williams team manager) I said he was a guy you could always trust. I would just hate anybody to think that there was any disagreement between myself and Stefano, or between Williams and Ferrari.”

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