Paul Ricard boss steps down…moves on

Philippe Gurdjian has decided to step down from his post as the boss of the Paul Ricard circuit.  just when you think there is some inner meaning behind all of this, you find out he had an offer to run the Abu Dhabi circuit which will host its first GP next year.So things, while sad for Paul Ricard, are really looking up for Philippe.  The money must be rolling and the Arab nights must be calling.  With Abu Dhabi’s first foray in F1 it is understandable they want a person who has a terrific track record of managing a successful track.  A person who knows what it takes to accomodate the Circus that is F1.  Philippe certainly understands that.

He’ll be missed I’m sure but there is no indispensable man…well, that may not be true because apparently Max has made himself indispensable by virtue of politics and suspect voting.  Perhaps Paul Ricard will find even a better person to take the track to the future.  More blue lines please…it keeps the epileptic’s, pregnant women and elderly away.  Does that track have some sort of government warning about the effects of the miles and miles of lines that confuse the eye and soil the brain?  It’s in France so one can only assume so.

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