Perez feeling pressure, Hamilton knows why

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Sergio Perez is feeling the weight of being a McLaren driver. After a disappointing performance in the Chinese Grand Prix, the young Mexican has been facing some criticisms from fans and even team boss Martin Whitmarsh.

Perez came to McLaren from Sauber and while many suggest the expectations are different, I am not so sure they are. Sauber wanted Perez to win races and do his very best just like McLaren but perhaps the Driver he replaced at McLaren, Lewis Hamilton, knows why he’s facing the  pressure:

“There is a lot of pressure when you are in such a powerful strong team like that,” said Hamilton.

“It is not easy when the team relies on you – just as it would here – to get the two drivers to pull those results out.

“If you don’t, you feel it – and he [Perez] looks like an individual who feels it.”

For Perez, it’s just keeping his head down and managing the pressure:

“At McLaren everyone is watching your performance – in every single practice session, every single race,” he said.

“I find it quite amazing that after three weekends when I had two good weekends in terms of maximising the car potential, that after one bad weekend I received so many criticisms.

“But I think this is quite normal and usual for a team like McLaren.”

Perez says that he is not fussed about such criticisms though, as he is sure that he will be able to do much better with McLaren in the future.

“If I am totally honest, I am not bothered about it,” he said. “I am here to do my job and I will try my best this weekend and the next 16 weekends.

In the end, team bosses will place pressure on the drivers and as McLaren are struggling this year, the pressure will be even greater. When a team is struggling  they tend to eat their young when trying to find any place for performance improvement and Perez happens to be the youngest at the team.


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