Perez thinks Force India could battle for 4th in 2016

Force India’s season turnaround happened when they released their B-spec car mid-season. You can draw a real line of distinction from the British Grand Prix onward and we’ve often remarked on our podcast about how well their master plan of releasing the new car mid-year has gone.

It makes me wonder if other small teams might not take up the process of starting the season with a reliable car and then releasing their new car mid-year. Regardless, driver Sergio Perez is very positive about his team’s prospects for 2016 and says he believes they could take a run at fourth in the championship:

“Finishing off the season the way we did provides us with a much stronger platform for next year,” said Perez.

“We’re expecting other teams to move up. You don’t know what will happen with Lotus/Renault, McLaren-Honda, those kind of teams, but we expect them to be up there fighting us.

“There is a lot of hope we can do better than fifth next season.

“I understand to move up to fourth is a big ask, but we have to be aiming for Red Bull and Williams.

“But I believe in the team and believe it can be a fantastic season next year.”

I’m not usually one who would just bandwagon this comment but to be honest, if FI get it right, they very well could challenge for fourth given a strong start in 20165 with a proven chassis and then a new chassis mid-year.

How do you see Force India progressing and do you think this new approach to mid-year chassis release is a good program for the smaller teams?


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Paul KieferJr

I dunno. If you’re putting along near the back and then you suddenly start showing up, how much of a difference does it really make at the end of the year?


While the team noticeably improved after the new car was introduced, to finish fourth they would need to beat one of Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams or Red Bull. I don’t think that they would beat the first three, beating Red Bull would be difficult, and cause another tantrum from the Milton Keynes team.

Junipero Mariano

From 2015’s plucky teen to 2016’s plucky team!

Tom Firth

I’ve no problem with mid season replacements of last years chassis, it used to happen all the time throughout the grid. Can Force India take on the four ahead of it, I’m not so certain.

The chance is in beating Red Bull, should the Ilmor influenced engine not be up to scratch and if Force India’s Merc engines leap forward a little more, but that’s not factoring in resource differences between the two, in which Red Bull has the advantage, in terms of development budget as the season progresses. Too close to call really.

Paul KieferJr

I don’t think Force India will be sniffing at 4th. If they can get their act together early on, they could be looking at 5th, tops.

Patrick Chapman

Agreed. The top two has to be Mercedes/Ferrari. Three and four in no particular order is likely to be Williams/Mclaren,Honda So fifth must be between Force India, RBR and Renault. It is likely that that will be the order for 5th,6th and 7th. I am not sure where to put Torro Rosso at this point. I expect them to feature early on in the season and tapering of as the season progresses due to no engine development and where they finish up is any ones guess. 8th, 9th and 10th is probably going to be Sauber, Haas and Manor. Because… Read more »

Alianora La Canta

I can see Force India consolidating 5th. 4th is on the cards depending on what Red Bull do. In theory 4th should be Red Bull’s easily, but they’ve done so much moaning to get themselves absolutely nothing… The uncertainty, delays and most of all the tension Red Bull seems to have got within itself and between itself and the powers that be make me think it will tumble down the order in a less-dramatic version of what happened to McLaren last year. And Force India is the most likely team to take advantage of this. Force India should not expect… Read more »