Thought it interesting that a few Formula 1 fans are lamenting on Twitter, wondering how they will survive and fill their time until the Turkish Grand Prix. Regardless of how you are embracing 2011 tyres and technology, you must admit that boredom during F1 races has been eliminated, or at least curtailed for the most part. But what about between races?

So what do you do during the off-weeks? Here are a few ideas to help you get an F1 “fix” and … hey … you might learn some things along the way.

Books. Step away from the computer. Delve back into your own F1 library, your Dad’s stack of motorsport magazines, your friend’s collection. Search your local library for biographies of your favorite drivers. For me, “The Art of The Formula 1 Car” is waiting on my coffee table.

YouTube. Now that you’ve had your book break you can return to the computer. It’s amazing the hours and hours of footage, history and highlights that are out there. You’re not a true F1 fan until you discover F1 then-to-now. Not just the 80s, 90s and early 00s. If any sport ever captured its history on film, F1 has. Go back in time. Clark, Hill, Stewart, Rindt, Schumacher and Senna are all there. Search for your hero and enjoy.

Technical. Yes, many F1 fans just want to watch the race … but aren’t you a little curious? Stretch your mind a bit to read about and understand KERS and DRS, not to mention how F1 has evolved through generations of engines, diffusers, suspensions, nose and wing designs and safety measures. Come Turkey you’ll have a brand-new appreciation of F1. I promise.

Finally, it is OK if there isn’t F1 this weekend. Or next. Breaks are good. I could compare it to the new love “trap” where you want to spend every moment of every day together. But since we’ve all fallen into that trap I’ll spare us the analogy.

After exploring all of these options, remember that there’s always F1B news and opinion plus #F1Chat on Twitter each Monday.

Happy Spring Break … F1 style!

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