Perspective: Lois’s ultimate grid – Fernando Alonso

Here is another entry that will surprise many of you who know me and with whom I have chatted on Twitter and elsewhere online. While my tribute to Kimi Raikkonen was tongue-in-cheek to a great extent, this post is sincere. Reluctantly sincere, but sincere none the less.

Fernando “Is Faster Than You” Alonso takes his place at #9 on my grid, piloting the Renault R26 that took him to his second World Drivers Championship. He is unquestionably a talented driver but then the questions arise as his career in Formula 1 has been caught up in controversy time and again. I hope that he can separate himself from the requisite annual scandal but as long as he races for Ferrari … well … you get the idea. Whatever you may think of Fernando and his current team you must admit that he is fascinating to watch. Will he be one of the F1 drivers to create his own era? I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure the consistency is there but his moments of brilliant driving will take him far in F1 and its annals.

A hero in his native Spain and among Ferrari’s tifosi, Fernando and his cars have proudly sported the blue and yellow of his home province of Asturias as well as classic Ferrari red. Fernando and all that surrounds him add another and different splash of color to today’s F1.

No, Fernando isn’t perfect. Then again the best – and most memorable – never were.

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