Petrobras says no to Honda/Senna rumors

There has been some speculation that Honda’s 4-race reprieve is coming on the back of some serious sponsorship dollars afforded them by the retaining of Brazilian young-gun Bruno Senna. Apparently that is not the case as Petrobras is even considering pulling out of what remains in their sponsorship responsibilities.

This leaves some room for further rumors as fans and journalists attempt to piece together the deal sans any help from team boss Nick Fry (not that it is any of our business Nick but I suspect you’ve clouded this entire process from Carlos Slim until now).

In light of this news, those Magnificent Bastards over at Autosport got to digging, as they usually do, and discovered via a unnamed team source that there is a new bidder that may just take the team where they want to be…the grid in Oz and beyond. They were quoted at Autosport as saying the new bid is from a team that is…

“reputable, able to bring long-term financial stability, with a brand image known throughout the world. Formula One would do well to have them on board.”

We’ll see. I am of the opinion that the Magic 8-ball will determine who is able to bring long-term stability. Shake, shake, shake…just send check or money order to Nick Fry.

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