Petrov confident of retaining Caterham ride in 2013

IF you’re a fan of Vitaly Petrov, you’ve most likely been wondering if your driver will be back in the Caterham F1 seat for 2013. Petrov’s agent suggested to Russian media that they were working on securing sponsorship for the 28-year-old driver but Petrov says he’s still  in the frame for a ride with Caterham. Petrov told AUTOSPORT:

“They want to keep us here,” Petrov said. “My management and the team are still discussing the deal for next year so it is still open.

“The team is quite happy with me but we need to make some deals and we will see how we do.”

The issue for Petrov is that his sponsors aren’t quite as big as other drivers might have. This means that he has to really work hard in securing a sponsor willing to foot the bill and pay for a seat at Caterham or multiple sponsors to combine resources to afford the ride. It’s not uncommon but in this economy it can be difficult. Petrov has been bested by his teammate, Heikki Kovalainen, this year and that never helps matters in raising cash or retaining the interest of Caterham F1.

Does Petrov deserve another year at Caterham? Has he performed as well as to be expected in a car that didn’t measure up to the expectations in 2012? how do you judge the merit of Petrov’s ride or is it simply looking for another driver with more money and seeking a change to see what happens?

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