Petrov: Mugello unsafe


According to Team Caterham driver Vitaly Petrov, the Mugello circuit is not safe enough for Formula One cars. The location for the first in-season test in four years was offered as a testing location last year with teams agreeing to the idea. It seems while most drivers are enjoying the opportunity to drive on a circuit that most have never had the chance to, Petrov is of a different mind telling the press:

“I don’t think we should have come here,” said Petrov. “It is not safe and wide enough.

“If you lose it, the walls are so close and you will smash into the tyres. It is not for Formula 1 and, if you lost the steering or the tyre pressure dropped or whatever, then it will be a big crash.”

Almost prophetically, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso crashed his F2012 car in today’s testing with Ferrari Tweeting:

“An off track from Fernando hampered morning’s session. At least two hours to repair the damages. It is a shame but that’s testing!”

Alonso hit the tire wall damaging his car but was uninjured in the incident.

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