Peugeot dragging Max into Le Mans row?

As if we hadn’t had enough pontificating from the FIA’s Max Mosley, it seems that Peugeot are now protesting Audi’s body work and should they not get the ruling they desire, they will take the matter to the FIA. Color me reactionary but if the race stewards and the ACO have approved the car, I am unclear on just what the FIA can do about the situation. Certainly from a safety concern and certain elements of the car that pose safety risks, the FIA could get involved but I am not sure what the FIA can do over a protest such as this. Peugeot said:

“It would indeed seem that two features of the Audi R15 – in the configuration in which it was shown at technical scrutineering for the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hours on June 8 – do not comply with Article 3.6.2 of the current technical regulations: the flap which links the two front wings; the appendages fixed to the inner surface of the front wings,” said a Peugeot statement.

“These appendages and this flap effectively form part of the bodywork and their sole purpose is to generate downforce. These bodywork parts are considered to be aerodynamic elements. Since they do not appear on the list of aerodynamic elements authorised by Article 3.6.2, they are consequently not permitted.”

“Our protest dossier was already ready at the time, but the Automobile Club de l’Ouest made assurances that it would take the necessary steps ahead of the Le Mans 24 Hours,” Quesnel said.

“I insist on the fact that our approach is constructive and not aggressive. It seeks to clarify what is an unclear situation with a view to obtaining clear, precise regulations in order to prepare for the future. All competitors need stable, firm regulations that apply to everyone, with a strong regulatory body capable of taking decisions.

“We intend to take this matter to its conclusion, not with the intention of weakening endurance racing but of making it stronger. Should our protest not be upheld by the sporting stewards, we will lodge an appeal with motorsport’s supreme governing body, the FIA.”

But never fear, with the amount of bravado and chest-pounding Max has been displaying since he got caught with his pants down; I am almost certain he will insert himself in this matter as an authority and impose some verdict that will be steeped in legalese. Some things never change…the French protesting and Max objuragating with reckless abandon.

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