Peugeot on pole and wasn’t even trying

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Peugeot says they weren’t trying to claim pole for the 77th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans but they got it anyway. The suggestion that they set up for the race and not pole position is antithetical to their previous statement which said that the Audi’s were faster than they were. Either way, pole amounts for little in a 24 hour race but it’s good for th team and for the Pugs who have been struggling lately and many have written them off already.

Team principle Serge Saulnier said:

“We didn’t really chase the pole. At the end we planned to try the soft tyre for the night during the race, and apparently it works quite well – the performance of the car was there.

“But, seriously, we did not really try to chase the pole – we were working for the race. At the end we have the pole, but it was not the main objective.”

Funny thing is, Audi really didn’t look like they were going for pole but I can’t say that for the Pugs.


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