PF1 found the Ark…well, sort of

The PF1 crowd are rumbling, explaining, dredging historic acts of straight-lining chicanes and displaying an angst with the Lewis drive-through penalty that can be almost classified as choleric.So much so that they have now found a conspiracy to heap on the already robust machinations of the Anti-McLaren consortium.

It seems the PF1’s are suggesting that a Max Mosley sycophant was part of the penalty decision-making process that saw Lewis Hamilton hammered with a drive-through penalty for straight-lining a chicane in order to pass Sebastian Vettel.  It seems this person is CEO of a company that had boasted on their web page that Ferrari was a client of theirs and has recently taken the claim off the web site further fueling the conspiracy.  Give it a week and this guy will have the Lost Ark of the Covenant, Holy Grail and black & White photos of the Egyptians building the pyramids.

While no rules are perfectly applied and perfect justice never truly sought; the last time I checked, straight-lining a chicane while in the process of passing someone is not allowed.  If it is a better application of the FIA rules we are all looking for; then a FIA sanctioned team of stewards needs to attend each race and mete our the rules with non biased glee.  On second thought, that may not give the PF1’s anything to talk about so best not do that just yet.  Let’s at least wait until the folks over there locate the Ark, I would like to see some faces melt.

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