Philips AT&T Williams F1 Trivia Contest

Philips has graciously joined to bring you the F1B Trivia contest. Philips has supplied us with two Philips Williams F1 Electric Shavers as prizes.

All you need to do to enter is email us the correct answers to the following trivia questions about Philips and AT&T Williams F1. A random drawing will be held from the emails with all the correct answers. We will draw names on September 18th 2009.

Send your correct answers to :

The questions:

This Philips shaver has a built-in shaving conditioner. What is it called?

What year and what driver scored Williams F1’s first Formula 1 championship points?

What is the name of the world’s first cinematic proportioned television from Philips?

A Williams F1 driver left the team after just two races in the season. A very famous driver stepped in to fill the void and was then replaced by another famous driver who will be familiar with F1B Downshift listeners. Who left originally and who were the two replacements in what year?

This Philips product has an iPod dock built in to a wake-up light. What model is it?

What year and race did Williams F1 win their 100th Grands Prix?

Philips invented two very key mediums for our music. One in 1960’s and the other one in 1980. What were they?

What year did the team first use a Carbon Fiber Chassis? Who designed it?

The smallest in-ear noise reduction headphone. What model number is it?

How well do you know Philips? How well do you know AT&T Williams F1 trivia? If you think you can press the KERS button in your brain and answer these questions, you may just have a chance of shaving with Nico and Kazuki every morning via the Philips AT&T Williams F1 Shaver.

Be sure to do your research and to make things easy, here are the links you will need:

AT&T Williams F1

Be sure to check out the Philips AT&T Driving Academy contest. You could win a chance to drive a real F1 car. See more details here.

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