Piquet Snr. launches new attack on Alonso / Renault


Nelson Piquet Snr. has launched a new attack on Brazilian TV regarding Renault, Fernando Alonso and the mistreatment of his son Nelson Piquet Jnr (NPJ). According the Piquet Snr, the team wasn’t ran by former team boss Flavio Briatore but by Fernando Alonso himself. Piquet argued that his son was mistreated and given inferior equipment as compared to Alonso and that NPJ’s career was damaged as a result.

According the Piquet, the career was damaged to the extent that NPJ had no real choice in the matter but to crash the car on purpose when instructed to.

“This year was really very bad due to the favouring in terms of cars that Renault gave to Alonso,” he said. “The team was not even managed by Briatore: it was managed by Alonso himself.”

Piquet denied claims that the crash had been his son’s idea. “Two hours before the race [Briatore] said [to Piquet Jr]: ‘If you want to help the team then you have to do this’,” Piquet said. “He accepted doing something under great pressure from Renault. He didn’t have much else to lose in terms of his career.

“I knew that this was a crime. Manipulating the result of a race is a criminal act. There is no room for this in sport and especially when it is premeditated.”

I don’t find it hard to understands a fathers love for his child and defense of his son’s situation but what I do find difficult to understand is the Piquet felt his son had nothing else to lose in terms of his career so why not comply and crash the car. This was a start to his career. If it didn’t work out at Renault, there would be other opportunities for the young man but as it is now, I would be surprised if anyone hired him. What mindset would defend the choices made on the basis that if it didn’t work at Renault, NPJ’s career was over?

The hint or inference is also clear that Alonso ran the team and therefore knew about the race-fix plan. Many suggested that Fernando Alonso was the mysterious “witness X” referred to in the FIA WMSC meeting that rendered a life ban for Briatore and suspended ban for Renault. Today, it seems that Alonso may not have been “witness X” as Alan Permane has been identified by the Daily Mail as that person.

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